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Hee! This is a great and positive way to look at the reviews of your books, and something for me to keep in mind when I finally get something in submission-worthy status. :)

Sort of related, in reading your Crossroads Trilogy (finally!), I oddly found myself thinking "I see what you did there!" every now and again...in a positive way, of course! Let's just say I read it from a writer's point of view and got a pretty decent grasp of how you built that trilogy up and how you let certain things unfold. I suppose you could call it studying up... ;)

I read Cold Magic (for the first time) today, actually!

Strangely, I've found I 'connect' more with each successive series you write. Crown of Stars was good and very well-written, but didn't quite click for me personally for some reason; it didn't pull me in. Crossroads did moreso, and Cold Magic more yet. (I haven't read Jaran, though I keep meaning to - it's on my list)

>I haven't read Jaran, though I keep meaning to

I find this rather amusing.

Well, three data points isn't enough for a reliable correlation, really. And I think it's entirely possible that my getting into the later series more has nothing to do with her writing changing, and more to do with ME changing :)

Oh, totally understand. I still have memories of you on the floor of the house in San Jose drawing dinosaurs while we had a writer's meeting. And Jaran was one of the manuscripts being reviewed.

The juxtaposition those images with the reality that you hadn't read the books yet was what was amusing.

Huh! I think you have me confused with someone else, actually. Though there have been times in my life when I've stretched out on the floor and drawn dinosaurs (several of them well into my 30s), I've never been in San Jose, nor been lucky enough to be in a writers' group with any of you :)

Yeah, I'm wondering who you might be being mistaken for, too, considering I was there at the time. You're definitely not my daughter. ;)

I really loved Cold Magic, and can't wait for the next one. But that seems to be the way of it with your books. (Don't cut too much world building and detail. That's one of the things I love about your books.)

My review is succinct: "Eagerly awaiting the next book in this series."

A great review! Thank you!

I'm honored that you included a line from my review here, though it also made me wince a bit and think 'that line could use some editing.' *sigh* (But I think that happens every time I read anything that I wrote, which why I alway try to avoid rereading my reviews ;)


That happens to me as soon as my books are published. I find things I wish I had changed.

Oh goody, I'm academic!

Thank you :)

You're only TRULY academic if you wear glasses. Right?

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