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How do you like my dress?

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One of the things that perpetually astonishes me about Nice Editor is her ability to look at my stuff and suggest things that make it denser. I can see where I've elided, where I've cheated, where I've assumed knowledge, but she has this extra power that adds things that somehow are both obvious and yet utterly invisible to me. I'm trying to learn how to do that.
The other thing that baffles me is how to judge pace. Writing and revising are basically slow processes, and I end up finding my work glacial in pace. And I haven't yet taught myself to see how much of that is real and how much is down to the speed at which I'm experiencing it.
I love to cut. Everyone else tells me I cut too much. I think I tend to be too tightly focused on the small scale. I must try your large scale outline thing: that feels like it could well work for me. Thank you.

When I advise people about writing crits I always advise them to start with big picture issue and work down.

If only because fixing the big picture would often remove all the small-scale faults even if replacing them with new ones.

Yes, but does Jo find the magic sword before the flood?

Revisions in progress may depend on this answer.


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