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Flycon 2009
An online worldwide sff-horror-fan-whatever convention.

Schedule is here.

For info on where to find Flycon online, find more info here.

I will be holding an Author Chat at 9 pm Hawaiian Time on Friday 13th, although this turns out to be midnight Sat 14th Pacific Time, and 8 pm Sat 14th in New Zealand and 6 pm in Australia.

I will also be empaneled with Marie Brennan and Monissa Whiteley on "Fantasy and Reaction" (my short version of the topic is: are those idiots who write fantasy novels set in monarchies and aristocracies really closet monarchy-lovers, because otherwise why in the heck would they write that crap?). This panel is at 4 pm HT on Sunday 15th, 7 pm PT and 10 pm ET (also Sun 15), and on Monday 16th at 5 pm in NZ and 3 pm in Oz.

Those times are what's on the schedule, relative to Hawaiian Time *if I got it right*, which I hope I did.

That's just my stuff. There's lot of other stuff, and I think this is a really keen idea, for which I thank the organizers.

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I was confused about the Author Chat times for a bit until I realized that midnight on the 14th is really only three hours difference from 9 p.m. on the 13th.

Midnight is the start of the calendar date, not at the end, and it's only a factor of the particular times for this that make it at first look like California, New Zealand, and Australia are all on the same side of the International Date Line.

Or maybe I felt confused simply because it's 5 am here right now. (grin)

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