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How do you like my dress?

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It's my suspicion that someone is now in the middle-of-the-book...

I'm at the three quarters point. For some reason it hit later than usual.

And here is me hearting you hard, all over again, reminding you that this has happened before, and it will happen again.

Thank you. Actually, I am having a hard time taking this lame phase seriously because it hit so late. So I'm having some fun with its usual manifestations.

I love you. *laughs*

*goes off to work on her book, which is still in the happy fluffy puppies and bunnies stage*

fluffy! bunnies! white ears! pink noses!

Yes, i love that stage.

I see your lame book and raise you my sulky pouty stroppy one. Note to self: Must stop dating stupid immature book...
Much sympathy. I am sure it's just a phase and your book will shake itself and become wonderful. ALl your others have been wonderful, after all.

Note to self: Must stop dating stupid immature book...

No, no! You are transformative; this relationship is exactly what the book needs, to lead it through adolescence into golden adulthood. None but you can save it! etc...

Transformative? I think we're all ENABLING.

Are you saying you have an EMO book?

Pretty much, yes. It whines, it complains and it says I don't understand it!

I see I'm not the only one. Sigh. At least it seems we're all in good company.

Every book. You'd think we could find new patterns!

Ah, yes. Mid-relationship rough patch. I know the two of you will get through this together.

Still, one misses the starry-eyed period of mutual obsession. It's what keeps us going.

Fortunately, my two favorite characters have now reunited, so I'm happy again.

A message from your book

Dear Kate,

I am not your spouse, I am your child. Please stick with me through these horrible teenage years. I'll probably sample drugs and have sex in the backseat of a car, but if you keep loving me, I'll eventually pull through and become a responsible adult you can send out into the world to earn my keep.

Much love,

Your Book

PS, also from your book

I might even pay for your nursing-home later, if you're good to me now. Can I borrow the car?

Re: PS, also from your book

Only if you put gas in it!

Re: A message from your book

Say, do you think the responsible adult thing will work with my own kids?


Oh, hell. You just summed up why I'm stuck on my own revisions. :(

Alas, I wish I could even get to that phase. Instead, my plotbunnies have all gone underground and the current manifestation has run away with the milkman, leaving me high and dry. Plus, new babies tend to suck the creativity right out of you.

Oh, you're at THAT phase.

But, seriously, if there are new babies involved, having two coherent thoughts to rub together is a victory. Congrats!

Yes, THAT place. The problem is, THAT place (or rather THIS place) is the point I keep getting to and no farther. I've got another old story trying to come awake in my head in the last few days, so I'll chase that butterfly for a while. At least it's something. We know right now why I'll never be a regularly published author. My plotbunnies have ADD.

You know, everyone kept telling me that, but I thought surely I could do it different. Oh how they laugh now. How they laugh. And thanks. ;)

Right there myself with mine. At what I thought would be one of the book's most interesting points. Sigh.

I usually hit this point midway through. But this time I hit it 3/4rds through. So, yeah, go figure. Every book surprises. I'm still waiting for the surprise of never hitting the phase where I think it's lame.

pet, pet, soothe, soothe...

Thank you!

And if you know exactly what I'm talking about, then my sympathies. *g*

Have had months of that myself--thankfully now on to the end.

Excellent that you got through it!

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